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Untold allows me to experience being a true writer. In the worst days of my country's history, it gave me hope and the spirit to write. No matter where I reach in my writing career, I will be thankful for Untold.”

- Zainab Akhlaqi, Writer from Write Afghanistan

For all women in Afghanistan, the future is uncertain and frightening. 
For women writers – their gender, their voice, their talent – is under threat.

Untold is a development programme for writers who are marginalised in society by community or conflict. For three years it has worked with women creative writers on its Write Afghanistan project to develop, translate and share their fiction writing with global audiences, in translation. It also connects these writers to each other and the wider world.

Some of the original Write Afghanistan writers have chosen to flee their country. Others have remained. Untold continues to work with these writers. Their safety is paramount, which is why their visibility online is limited, but keeping in touch with each other through what may lie ahead will provide support, encouragement, and an outlet for creativity, and, of course, trauma.

We all came together under Untold. For me, this had a profound meaning. We are from one country but from different ethnic groups, and we learn from each other, which gives us confidence.”

- Batool Haidari, Writer from Write Afghanistan

Support these women to keep writing and stay connected to each other.
All donations help – however small – and can contribute to supporting the activities below:
  • £30 will provide internet data for a writer for three months, enabling her to communicate with not only her editor, but the outside world.
  • £100 would pay for a literary translator to translate a one thousand word story, which might form the beginning of a longer piece by one of Untold’s authors.
  • £375 would allow us to provide 10-12 writers with enough internet data for a three month editorial process.
  • £500 would allow us to connect a writer from our community with an established, international mentor writer for a three-month mentorship. This would help them share experience and gain support, whilst also introducing them to international writing communities.
  • £750 would enable us to translate a writer's story, and provide them with individual feedback from our editorial team - helping them to develop their craft, and the potential of their fiction writing.
  • £2,500 would allow us to facilitate a three-month editorial process with a writer - translating and editing their work, holding one-to-one remote editorial sessions with our team, and developing their story for potential publication.
  • £3,500 would enable us to facilitate online workshops and support for our network of writers, connecting women from across Afghanistan to share in their writing process.
  • £4,000 would, when the time is right, enable us to issue a countrywide call for Afghan women's writing, allowing writers to share their work with our team, and for selected writers to access a full craft-development programme.
  • £15,000 would allow us to facilitate a three-month editorial process with a cohort of 10 writers - translating and editing their work, holding one-to-one remote editorial sessions with our team, and developing their stories for potential publication.
I wish for this support to Afghan writers to continue. The situation for Afghan female writers is uncertain, but Untold gives me the inspiration to keep writing and connects me to the rest of the world.”

- Rana Zurmaty, Writer from Write Afghanistan

note Your money will only go directly to Afghan women writers when it is
 possible and when we are sure this would not undermine their safety. In the 
meantime, donations will keep writers and the broader Write Afghanistan team connected.

Untold is a Community 
Interest Company (company number 12654173). Prospero World (UK registered 
charity number 1163952) receives charitable donations in support of our work through 
its fiscal sponsorship programme, and receives tax efficient donations from UK
 donors on our behalf.